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Максимальный РЕПОСТ! О преступлениях террористов убивших четверых протестантских служителях.

Оригинал взят у yankolin в Максимальный РЕПОСТ! О преступлениях террористов убивших четверых протестантских служителях.

Информация о преступлениях террористов Путина убивших четверых протестантских служителя в Славянске на Английском языке.

Просьба - максимальный РЕПОСТ!

Information about the crimes of terrorists Putin killed four Protestant priest Slovyansk in English.

Please - maximum REPOST!

"Russian orthodox fascism in action

During a Home Office press conference last Monday I exposed the
terrible lie of the Russian propaganda about a three-year-old boy
having been allegedly crucified by Ukrainian army in the central
square of Slovyansk.

I promised then to expose a horrific crime committed by Putin-bred
terrorists, namely the killing of four clergymen from the Church of
Divine Transfiguration and the senior priest's two sons.

The time has come!

On July 8 a group of terrorists took away at gunpoint the sons of
Aleksandr Pavyenko, the senior priest of the Slovyansk branch of the
Church of Divine transfiguration.

Pavyenko Albert Aleksandrovich, b.1990, Pavyenko Ruvim Aleksandrovich,
b.1984, and two ministers of the church, Brodarsky Victor Ivanovich,
and Vyelichko Vladimir Aleksandrovich died a martyr's death.

The terrorists had been informed that the clergymen were helping and
feeding Ukrainian army soldiers present at road blocks around
Slovyansk, supposedly providing the latter with information pertaining
to terrorists' activities.

It cannot be ruled out that the ministers' death came as a result of
the terrorists having been tipped by Moscow Patriarchate's clergy, who
hate anyone that does not listen to their lies about Putin and the
Great Russia.

Four cars that belonged to the innocent victims, Chevrolet Evanda,
Ford Transit, Landrover Discovery and Toyota Avensis, were also taken
away by the terrorists.

The God's servants had been interrogated and then killed. Once the
killers had sobered up, horrified at their deed and scorned by
Strelkov-Girkin, they tried to set it up as if death had been
inflicted by the mortar fire from Ukrainian army.

The bodies of the martyrs were laid into Chevrolet, the cheapest car
of the four (so that it could be wasted), to be set on fire so as to
conceal the evidence of the heinous crime.

The bodies of the deceased were kept by the terrorists in a mass grave
on the territory of a children's hospital in Slovyansk together with
20 other corpses, belonging to terrorists. The funeral sonderkommando
was led by a terrorist nicknamed "Lumberjack."

The remaining three vehicles of the God's servants were snatched by
the scoundrels during their escape to Donetsk with Girkin.

Today the remaining parishioners of the Church in Slovyansk gathered
in the building of the church to pray for the deceased. After the
prayer they will go to the mass grave in the garden of the children's

They are going to mourn their brothers in faith and all the innocent
victims of this horrible war waged by Putin.

Yet the Russian propaganda will present it as if the dwellers of
Slovyansk came to remember the priests of the Moscow Patriarchate
killed by Ukrainian banderovtsy-soldiers. And bow as well to the
terrorists-defenders of Slovyansk.

No need to doubt it will happen so.

No sooner than the following day after I informed about the four
priests having been shot dead had the profusely lying underlings of
Dmitriy Kiselev informed through the English-speaking outlet of
Putin's propaganda, The Voice of Russia, that:

1. The priests were killed for having helped the self-defence groups
(pro-Russian separatists).

2. They were interrogated and killed by Ukrainian
nationalists-terrorists, whose atrocities would soon be discovered by
the whole world on the basis of convincing evidence.

All of it while on June 8 it was the terrorists, headed by the
world-class scoundrel, Strelkov-Girkin, who were in complete power
over the city.

This monstrous lie was exposed by the executive director of the NGO
"The Institute of Religious Freedom", Maksim Vasin.

Nobody could have done it better."

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